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Color Tips For Your Brochure Design

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Brochures play a vital role in every successful marketing campaign, especially when used in combination with digital marketing and social media campaigns. When given to prospects and leads, this age-old marketing tool can help increase sales and conversions by answering common questions they might have regarding your offerings.

Choosing The Best Color Palette

To ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment, choose a complementary color scheme suitable for the products or services you're selling.

When you work with an experienced Dallas Print Shop such as Precision Reprographics for all your brochure printing needs, they can help with all aspects of the design process, including the best color palette for your campaign.

Undoubtedly, colors evoke feelings and emotions in people, so picking the best hues to produce excitement and action from viewers is essential.

To help you understand color psychology and how it can affect your brochure marketing campaign's success, we'll review some of the basics for getting your creatives right.

Select Your Theme And Stick To It - Generally, brochures help support your overall operations and branding efforts. Focus on your motif or the colors you're already using for your website, storefront, or office space for maximum impact and cohesive brand messaging.

Color Contrasting - To ensure that your brochure is easy to read, contrasting lighter colors with darker colors is generally recommended. Working with a limited number of contrasting colors keeps your brochure from looking "too busy" or difficult to read.

Content And Font Selection - Another critical aspect of your design is the font and content you choose for your brochure. The font should be clear and easy for people to read - while Comic Sans might look great when making memes, it might not be the best choice for representing your business image.

Keep It Simple - While you might be inclined to add splashes of bright colors or dramatic drop shadows, these features can distract and diminish your overall messaging. Pick and choose your spots to accentuate your marketing material's most essential elements without overwhelming or annoying the reader.

Custom Brochures For Seasons Or Reasons

In some cases, you might need specialized brochures for seasons or reasons. For instance, if you're running promotions to sell items popular in the spring and summer, choosing cheerful and bright colors for this kind of advertising helps inspire potential buyers to take action on the offer.

If you're ready to launch a brochure marketing campaign, but you're not sure where to start, it's always a bright idea to talk to the pros at Precision Reprographics, the leading Dallas print shop. Our experienced printing experts can answer any questions you have about the process and offer guidance on designs and materials. Please reach out for more information today!

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