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What Is Large Format Printing?

When you need to make a favorable and lasting impression on your target audience, one medium that helps deliver is large format printing.

The demand for large format printing has recently surged as companies and organizations seek more creative outlets to promote their brands.

The large format printers used today are easy to operate and cost-effective, allowing printing companies to prepare vivid prints ideal for use on nearly all surfaces.

As you can imagine, this provides a roomy canvas for original artwork, custom graphics, and attention-grabbing text to create billboards, window signs, signage for trade shows and conventions, and more.

Large Format Printing Helps Hit Targets

Sometimes called grand-format or wide-format printing, this type of print is two-feet wide. However, it can be nearly any size. According to research, large-format drives a significant demand, outpacing growth for digital alternatives such as LED and electric signage.

Ideal for everything from creating banners to large scale vehicle wraps and wall decor, large-scale printing is a seamless solution for branding multiple aspects of your company or organization.

Over time, the processes involved in large-scale printing projects have evolved and grown more efficiently by shortening turnaround times, reducing costs, even in short-run production.

Newer flatbed printers can easily handle various printing materials, substrates, and inks compatible with multiple curing techniques ideal for indoor or outdoor use and display.

What Are The Applications For Large Format Printing?

Here's a sample of the most widely used types of large-scale printing currently in use today:

Banners - When you need to capture passersby's attention, large-scale printed banners can get customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. Banners are great for tradeshows, conventions, storefront displays, flea markets, and other venues where you need flexibility.

Wall Decals - If you're searching for a creative way to breathe new life into your offices or storefronts, wall decals offer a flexible solution. Instead of experiencing the hassle of painting, you can apply non-permanent wall decals to customize your space. These decals from a Dallas Print Shop remove easily and can get stored for reuse.

Billboards - When you want to drive traffic to your physical location, there's no more significant way to do it than outdoor billboard advertising. It's one of the few ways to advertise to a captive audience of people passing by in their vehicles.

Window Clings - Window clings offer a way to transform ordinary windowfronts into a powerful advertising media, whether you want to promote your latest sale offer or celebrate the season. Easily removable and easy to store, you can keep them to reuse at a later time.

If you'd like more information on customized, large-scale printing services, please contact the professionals at Southwest Blueprint, a leading printing company in Dallas, Texas.

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