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Most Popular: The Print Marketing Edition

The demand for high-quality printed materials isn't dead. While you might think the digital advertising economy has taken over, this couldn't be further from the truth.

It isn't uncommon for direct mail marketing campaigns to outperform Email marketing campaigns by ten to thirty percent.

If you've been remiss in your print advertising and marketing efforts, please continue reading to learn how this collateral can help you grow your lead generation efforts.

Direct Mail - Direct mail is a surefire way to connect with prospects in the neighborhoods you serve. Not surprisingly, postcards are among the most popular types of direct mail available today. Since the content of the message is displayed, people are sure to look.

Signs - If your store location is in a dense traffic area with lots of other businesses, having adequate signage helps to attract more business through your doors. Custom signage is ideal in identifying your storefront, and sidewalk signs are flexible for communicating a variety of messages, including COVID-19 updates, sales, and other promotions.

Custom Banners - Custom banners are useful in numbers of applications, including announcing that you're open, marketing a sale or promotion, or adding branded elements to your tradeshow or expo table or booth. In a crowded convention center, these colorful displays help garner attention and draw more visitors to your booth. Durable, you can rely on Precision reprographics to produce beautiful banners of all sizes and types.

Booklets And Brochures - Brochures and pamphlets are robust marketing materials that are ideal for various purposes. Since people can hold on to them, they help keep your company at the top of their minds. Pamphlets and brochures can provide information such as your product and service offerings, menu, or other pertinent information.

Business Cards - Professionally printed business cards remain a staple in every successful business person's toolbox. These tiny, but powerful cards provide all your contact details so people can quickly get in touch with you later. And, word to the wise: Never attend a networking event without having a few extra to hand out to new connections.

High-Quality Print For The Win!

High-quality printed marketing materials offer proof of concept. People will keep printed materials they deem to be valuable for reference or use later, so a pamphlet or business card you handed them six months or a year ago can pay off - often when you're least expecting it!

When you work with our professional Dallas print shop for all your business printing needs, you can count on us to help you create, maintain, or re-envision your business branding. For more information or help choosing the best print marketing materials for your company or organization, contact Precision Reprographics today!

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