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Starting a Newborn Photography Business

Suppose you're thinking about starting a newborn photography business. In that case, it's helpful to gain insights into parents and their newborns' unique relationships and build rapport with them as valued clients.

Open communications, impeccable photography, and providing a client-focused experience are among the most credible ways to build trust and grow your business.

The professionals at Sweet Magnolia Photography understand those happy clients who share your work or recommend your services help strengthen your reputation and boost your newborn photography business organically.

Scheduling Newborn Photography

While the months awaiting the new arrival to debut in the world seems to take forever, the days and weeks after their birth pass by in a flash.

Not surprisingly, most parents and caregivers want to capture the fleeting moments of the first days or weeks of their life. Scheduling a newborn photoshoot during this timeframe is ideal for capturing images where the baby "folds up" easily.

Many successful newborn photographers "pencil in" the first session shortly after their clients anticipated due date to ensure availability.

Enduring Newborn Photography

Trends in photography come and go. Just look at an old photo from Olan Mills to get reminded how the popularity of double exposure prints from the late 1900s passed quickly, and didn't age well.

Selecting props, poses, and backdrops that stand the test of time allows your clients to have museum-quality images they're proud to display in their home or office for generations to come.

Here are a few recommended props worth adding to your inventory for baby photo sessions, if the client doesn't bring their own:

Wraps - Gently wrap babies in a soft blanket or swaddle cloth to help comfort them and keep them warm throughout the session. As you can imagine, this makes them happier subjects.

Seasonal Items - Depending on the time of the year, using seasonal props, such as a small sleigh for winter babies, an Easter basket for spring babies, beach inspiration for Summer babies, and autumn-themed props for fall babies add distinction and flair to your pictures.

Of course, you're welcome to add as many props you feel comfortable with to ensure that your photography meets or exceeds your clients' expectations.

Discuss The Photoshoot With Your Client

Communication is key to capturing pictures that your client will love. Be certain to ask many questions about the images they wish to create beforehand. This way, you go into the photo session with more clarity about what they want or expect. Remember, your customer is always right, so if they have feedback or ideas, catering to their wishes helps ensure happy customers who turn to you for all their newborn photography needs.

Take It One Day At A Time

Building a newborn photography business takes time and practice. By enjoying every moment and making your customers happy, you're on your way to success.

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