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Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?

As an owner of a property with an attached parking lot, maintenance is critical in keeping your parking area safe for guests and visitors.

One of these critical tasks is the parking lot striping. These custom paint jobs provide guidelines for traffic flow and help maintain order. Anyone on your property should be able to quickly and easily identify:

  • Parking for those with disabilities

  • Regular parking spots

  • Restricted parking areas for emergency response members.

  • Reserved parking for expectant mothers, curbside pickup services, or for other purposes.

  • Pedestrian walk lanes.

Without clearly marking these designated areas, you could create confusion or result in accidents. An unmarked parking lot's potential liability heavily outweighs the expense of parking lot striping in Fort Worth, Texas.

Striping everything correctly is relatively inexpensive compared to legal actions for not meeting ADA compliance rules and regulations, or other guidelines for safety and security.

How Often Do Parking Lots Need Restriping?

Your restriping requirements may vary, but here are some factors to take into consideration:

Local Weather - Generally, parking lots in areas with sunnier and warmer weather should get restriped once every year. Monitor your lot for changes to the striping, as exposure to the sun can also impact the integrity of the paint.

Traffic Levels - Another factor that can impact the frequency you need to restripe your parking lot is the number of cars that use it daily. Generally, the more traffic you have coming in and out, the more frequently you'll need to restripe.

Type Of Paint Used - The thickness and quality of the paint used for striping are a consideration in how often you need to restripe. Typically, a two-coat striping can handle light to moderate traffic for about a year. Thinner coverings will wear more quickly and require more maintenance to keep them up. Using Industrial-grade paint, you can worry less about having to restripe as often, even in high traffic lots.

As Required By Local, State, Or Federal Regulation - Property owners can't be careless in their duties to follow all local, state, and federal regulations regarding ADA compliance in their parking lots. Failure to comply can cost property owners hefty fines and penalties. If you're unsure whether your parking lot meets regulations, talking to a professional parking lot striping company can help ensure spaces are marked correctly.

When you begin to notice fading, this is a sign that a restriping is needed soon.

Semper Fi Striping Services Parking Lots In Fort Worth

If you need to restripe your parking lot in the Greater Ft. Worth area, call the experts at Semper Fi Striping first. Our parking lot striping team is available to help you solve your parking lot issues promptly.

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