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Security Window Films Create Safer Schools

With all of the concerns surrounding school security and safety these days, all steps that officials and administrators can take to protect students are worthy of investigating further.

When searching for cost-effective and multifunctional solutions to boost privacy and safety, security window film is an option not to get overlooked.

Benefits Of Security Film On School Windows

Some of the multiple advantages of window film include:

No Disruptions - Security film retrofits existing school windows without any disruptions to classrooms or daily routines.

Expert installers work efficiently to apply the film to all windows, ensuring classrooms, administrative offices, gymnasiums, and public areas are more secure.

Shatterproof Protection - Tempered glass is standard for many classroom windows due to their lower cost. While tempered glass is durable, reinforcing it with shatterproof security film helps prevent breaking and shattering into hundreds of shards and pieces.

If the window breaks, the film encloses the broken glass in a sheet cleanly and reduces potential injuries to students and staff members from flying glass.

Glare Reduction - Glare in the classroom can be distracting, making it more difficult for students to concentrate or learn.

Typically, the worst glare happens when the sun is near the horizon in the early morning and evening as the sun transitions to day or night.

The glare-reducing protective film makes it easier for students and teachers to read, use computers, and focus on learning and other classroom tasks.

Comfort Control - Hot, stuffy classrooms create a challenging environment for students to learn. Applying a protective window film helps block the transmission of solar heat into the building and individual classrooms.

Window film decreases the amount of solar heat that penetrates the classroom in the year's warmer months. It works as a barrier during the colder seasons, stopping heated indoor air from leaking to the outside.

Cost Savings - In turn, city officials and school administrators will enjoy cost savings on their energy bills. The easier it is to maintain comfort levels without adjusting the thermostat, the better.

School Safety Takes A Multi Prong Approach

Putting multiple protective measures in place to protect students and staff members from intruders and other threats. By strengthening the weakest points of entry with window film, potential hazards can get averted.

It's worth noting that some security window offers an extra level of protection by utilizing an obscured or reflective surface that reduces outsiders' ability to see inside. Room dividers and partitions create a safer environment for everyone in the school.

While window film isn't the only solution for boosting safety, it certainly complements any safety measures and precautions already in place.

If you're interested in getting a free, no-obligation quote on window film installation services for your Dallas, Texas area school, please contact the professionals at Amersol today.

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