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Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen: Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, your kitchen is the hub spot in your home. When choosing your flooring, you want to consider many factors to ensure you invest in the best option.

For many homeowners, the thought of hardwood floors adds a sense of timeless beauty and style to your kitchen. But for some practical applications, it might not be the best fit for your lifestyle.

To help you decide, let's explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood floors in the kitchen.

Advantages Of Hardwood Flooring In The Kitchen

Without a doubt, natural hardwood is a beautiful addition to your home. Natural wood comes in a wide variety of hues to help set the mood and atmosphere in your kitchen.

Lighter wood helps to create an open and airy feeling, like what you might see in a country or beach house.

Dark and vibrant colors can set a more pleasant, dramatic, or striking tone.

Hardwood Is Durable - Hardwood plank flooring is generally very durable. If you begin to notice it looks a little "scruffy" sanding it down and refinishing it helps to restore the finish to like-new condition, In high-traffic areas like the kitchen, this offers a way to keep your floor looking great for generations to come. Using a resilient polyurethane finish helps add protection against dirt and light spills.

Easy Maintenance - Another advantage of choosing hardwood flooring is that it offers easy cleaning and maintenance. A vacuum designed for hard surfaces, a broom, and a damp mop is all you need to keep your wooden floors fabulous!

Disadvantages Of Hardwood In The Kitchen

Cost - Of all the different flooring products available today, natural hardwood flooring is among the most expensive options.

Easily Dents And Scratches - Although this flooring type if referred to as "hardwood," this material is somewhat soft and susceptible to scratches and dents. In high-traffic and activity areas such as the kitchen, general use, and wear and tear can result in having to deal with these kinds of imperfections frequently.

Not Resistant To Water - Unfortunately, long-term exposure to water and moisture can result in hardwood flooring warping, swelling, and splitting in extreme cases.

In the event of a plumbing leak not detected right away, hardwood flooring in the area could require repairs or replacement.

When cleaning, take special care to use a damp - not wet - mops. Any extra water could potentially seep into the seams and joints.

Hardwood Flooring Alternatives

For homeowners who like the beauty of hardwood flooring in their kitchen, but have reservations about this product, engineered hardwood flooring is a viable alternative.

If you could use a hand with new flooring in Rockwall, Texas, call Doiggs Restoration to discuss your needs.

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