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Full Structure Removal Isn't Always the Case With Demolition

When most people think about demolition projects, the first thing that comes to mind is heavy machinery and large buildings crashing to the ground.

However, demolition projects don't always involve the complete destruction of a structure. Technically, the removal of any load-bearing structure is a demolition. So, even if you are doing a partial renovation, the chances are reasonable, there will be a minimal amount of demolition needed to complete the project.

Choosing an experienced demolition company in Dallas helps to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The experts at Lloyd Nabors Demolition are available to help with every aspect of your razing project.

Initial Inspection - To ensure the demolition project goes smoothly, the building will get inspected to identify potential hazards and contaminants, including mold, lead paint, asbestos, or rot. This initial inspection lays out a structural design to aid in an efficient demolition and helps in laying the blueprint for how the destruction gets handled.

Site Remediation And Retention - An essential part of every demolition project is taking steps to protect people and the environment from pollutants and threats. Our technicians assess the situation and take steps to ensure every precaution gets taken to meet compliance requirements.

Hazardous Material Removal - The presence of lead and asbestos in a building scheduled to get razed can add complications and risks to the project. When you work with a professional demolition company, they handle all the details to ensure they get removed and disposed of in ways that meet local, state, and federal guidelines.

Material Recycling And Disposal - Recycling as many elements from the building coming down helps to minimize the environmental impact. Instead of sending items like bricks, metal, concrete, fences, hardwood, beams, and other salvageable materials, consider re-purposing, selling, or donating. If no alternatives exist, disposal procedures meet guidelines.

Building Relocation - If you want to keep your building, but you want it at a new location, our building relocation services are ideal. We handle all the details so that you can make a move with ease.

New Additions And Extensions - In many cases, adding rooms or extensions to your existing home or office space requires removing a wall and sections. These alterations provide support for the new home addition.

Partial demolition must get done with extra levels of care to ensure the integrity of the remaining structure. When you hire a professional company, you're taking steps to ensure stability. After inspecting the building, they determine the best approach for reformatting your space.

Commercial And Residential Demolition Company In Dallas

If you have a partial structure removal project in your future, save yourself headaches and lost sleep by calling the professionals at Lloyd Nabors Demolition. We offer no-obligation free quotes.

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