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Choose a Reliable Parking Lot Striper

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When managing a commercial parking lot or parking garage, completing regular maintenance helps ensure that your property is a place where people trust parking.

All you need to do is put yourself in your customer's driver's seat to understand why this is so important.

Imagine having two parking lots with equally available parking. The first parking lot is well lit, has crisp parking lot lines, is clean, and has signage for people who use the parking lot.

The second parking lot has weeds growing through cracks in the asphalt, has visible trash or debris laying around, and the overhead lighting isn't working.

It doesn't take long to realize which parking lot you would choose - undoubtedly, the nicer one.

Why You Need A Professional Parking Lot Striping Company

When you work with an experienced parking lot striping company like Semper Fi Striping, based in Fort Worth, Texas, they take care to make sure every detail of your parking lot striping project goes as smoothly as possible.

ADA Compliance - To avoid fines and penalties, commercial parking lot owners must abide by regulations set in the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Based on the ADA codes, parking lot owners must provide a certain number of reserved parking spots for disabled visitors based on the parking lot or garage's overall capacity. Failure to meet these standards and requirements could result in potential lawsuits, so this is a detail you can't afford to overlook.

Routine Maintenance - Having a janitor do regular daily maintenance, such as changing out trash receptacle liners and sweeping up visible debris and waste from around your lot, is always a good idea.

However, it would be best always to leave more complex parking lot maintenance jobs, such as restriping, resealing, work on overhead lighting, and more extensive repairs to professionals. By doing so, you save time and money by making needed repairs and upgrades without delay.

Trust And Credibility - Regardless of whether you're providing parking for your tenants at an apartment complex, a strip shopping center, or a busy office building, the parking lot will impact your visitors' first impression.

For retailers, this first impression could impact whether a potential customer decides to shop there.

As a rental manager, this could be among the reasons someone chooses your residential community instead of another.

You don't want potential customers to have any reason to leave your premises before they even enter!

How Often Is Parking Lot Striping Needed?

While factors including traffic and exposure to the elements can play a role in how often you need to restripe your parking lot, as a general rule, you should evaluate your lot once a year to ensure everything is up to standard.


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