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Types of Decorative Window Film Products

Window films can provide protection and a touch of flair. However, if you're only concerned about the visual aspects of window films, you'll benefit from buying a decorative option. In this guide, you'll discover seven popular decorative window film varieties for interior and exterior panels.

Frosted Glass Film

A frosted glass film has a frosty tone that decreases visibility and reduces heat gain. Although this material has a blurred effect, sunlight can still shine through it into rooms. These films are designed with a totally concealed or partially frosted coating; both of these styles can have custom designs, bold gradients, or unique patterns.

Textured and Gradient Film

If you're looking for a film that has geometric designs or organic patterns, a gradient film is worth considering. This covering pops on a window because it has elegant textures. Gradient film blocks sunlight well, so you can use it as an alternative for drapes, shades, and blinds.

Architectural Film

Architectural films have detailed designs that highlight images of landscapes and skylines, and they're commonly used on windows in large commercial buildings and small office spaces. They also work well inside of homes in spaces that need character.

Perforated Vinyl Film

Perforated films stand out on windows around restaurants and storefronts. These sheets can make an average window more attractive and alluring.

You can use perforated vinyl film in a variety of ways. For example, when you need to boost foot traffic in a store, you could stick promotion perforated films on multiple windows. Promotional printouts on vinyl films are classy, and their consistency provides one-way viewing.

Patterned Decorative Film

To make sophisticated commercial windows appealing, update them with patterned decorative films. The key component that gives this film its character is the patterns. You can pick a

  • Geometric pattern

  • Etched pattern

  • Contemporary pattern

  • Barcode striped pattern

Specialty Film

A specialty film is usually translucent, and it's designed with the basic colors of the rainbow. This film turns heads when it's on a window because its hues produce vibrant effects as sunlight seeps through each colorful layer.

Custom Decorative Window Film With Graphics

Custom films are designed with colors, textures, and graphics that suit a customer. There are no boundaries, which means that you can create custom coverings with hues and imagery that effectively represents your brand.

Make your windows the center of attention by covering them with decorative film. If you're going to tackle a window film installation project in Dallas, Texas, great products are available at Amersol.

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