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Branding With Decorative Window Film

For any business large or small, branding is a necessity for creating a lasting image with your customers and potential audience. The companies that brand successfully will embed their image into people's minds. You'll see their logo on every interaction; email signatures, business cards, vehicle wraps, billboards, and television commercials. For some, you'll even be exposed to a catchy slogan or jingle, which adds a non-visual form of branding to their marketing toolkit.

Did you know?

  • Branding across all marketing channels increases revenue by 23% (Source)

  • 60% of millennial consumers expect a consistent brand across all channels (Source)

  • 91% of consumers would instead buy from an authentic brand (Source)

Why Brand Your Office Building Windows

Most office buildings consist of large exterior windows and interior divider glass to separate offices, conference rooms, and waiting areas. In many cases, this glass takes up a large amount of real estate and could be utilized more efficiently. Imagine someone walks through your building's glass entryway, and the doors have a frosted window film with your company logo etched out. As that person makes their way into your reception area and is greeted by the secretary, they look around and notice the glass conference room window has the company values displayed as a reminder to employees and visitors. Not only does the window film serve a purpose for branding, but it can also be utilized for decoration and privacy.

Unlike etched glass, decorative window films have a lot more flexibility to change regularly and are far more affordable. Here are a few benefits to choosing a decorative window film for your commercial building.

  • Stylish Branding

  • Full Range of Colors

  • Attract/Retain Customers

  • Applies and Removes Easily

  • Unlimited Design Creativity

Choose an Experienced Decorative Window Film Installer

Just like any industry, not choosing the right contractor can cost you more in the long run. When deciding on what company to hire, there are a few things to consider—length of time in business, quality of work, and customer reviews, to name a few. Amersol has been providing window film in Dallas, Texas, since 1974. They've established a reputation known across the metroplex. If you are looking to update your office space with branded window film, contact their team today!

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