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The Importance of Parking Lot Safety

As a commercial parking lot owner, guests, visitors, residents, and employees' safety should always be one of your top priorities.

Not only because a safe parking lot is better for everyone, but also because you could get liable for some types of injuries and damages if they came as a result of negligence.

For example, let's say that you know there's a large crack in the pavement, but you don't make repairs. Someone trips and gets injured. Under these circumstances, you could be liable for damages.

Every parking lot owner has to ensure they provide a reasonably safe property and take preventative measures to minimize the chances for accidents.

While preventing all parking lot accidents is impossible, staying on top of repairs helps to avert larger issues in the long run. Regular use, wear and tear, and exposure to the elements can create potholes, cracks, fade stripes, and other markers. Regular inspections can identify potential problem areas before they get a chance to worsen.

Other circumstances when parking lot owners can get held liable for injury or damages include:

  • Pavement cracks

  • Inadequate lighting

  • Absence of security

  • Misleading signs

  • Faded stripes and markings

  • Broken or missing speed bumps

If an unfortunate accident or mishap occurs, the injured party's responsibility is to prove the parking lot owner was negligent.

There are three primary liability limitations:

Foreseeability - Foreseeability is when the property owner knows about issues but fails to make timely repairs, resulting in damages or harm. When foreseeability isn't a factor in the incident, the owner could be free from liability.

Reasonability - Parking lot owners aren't required to repair every crack in their pavement if the potential risk isn't unreasonable or there isn't a significant chance for harm as a result.

Crime - Crimes like robbery and assault can happen anywhere, anytime. While parking lot owners have no duty when these situations occur, they should report any criminal activity to law enforcement.

If you're a commercial property owner responsible for maintaining a parking lot in the Fort Worth, Texas area, and you need help completing safety improvements or upgrades, please contact the parking lot striping professionals at Semper Fi Striping.

With extensive experience in the business, our team is ready to help you tackle almost any problem you're facing in your parking lot.

As a commercial property owner, having all your bases covered helps you rest easy knowing that your parking lot meets safety codes.

Whether you need a fresh coat of parking lot striping, seal coating, or require new speedbumps for traffic control, we're enthusiastic about providing exceptional service to help you keep your parking lot visually appealing and safe.

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