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Safety Tips While Waiting for Roadside Assistance to Arrive

There is no worse feeling than having mechanical problems when you're on the road. However, if you find yourself in this situation, roadside assistance can be a lifesaver. If you're stranded for any reason and waiting for roadside assistance, here are some tips to keep you safe until help arrives and needed truck repairs can get made.

Alert Other Motorists - If you're experiencing a breakdown, turning on your hazard lights and placing emergency warning triangles behind your trailer helps alert other motorists of a potential hazard ahead. These precautions can help in avoiding any further accidents.

Make Sure You Have Your Mobile Phone - The days of having to carry a quarter for an emergency phone call no longer apply. Having a fully-charged phone with service (or access to a phone charger) ensures that you can get your location information and stay in communication with responders or family members.

If you aren't entirely sure where you're at, you should be able to use the mapping system on your phone or GPS to get your exact coordinates.

Sit In The Passenger Side - If you're broken down and sitting on the side of the road, consider moving to the passenger side of your truck until help arrives. By doing so, you are putting space between you and others on the road. Roadsides are a particularly dangerous place to be, which is why enforcement officers approach the passenger side, not the driver side.

For safety, you should follow the same essential precaution while awaiting help. On the off chance that someone ran into or sideswiped your truck, you wouldn't be in a direct impact zone.

While you might get tempted to get outside your vehicle while waiting, this is generally not a great idea. Instead, remain in your truck and lock the doors until roadside assistance arrives.

Check Credentials Of Roadside Assistance - Once roadside assistance shows up, be sure to ask for the person's credentials to verify they're the responders you expected to show up. While it's unpleasant to think about, some unscrupulous people could "steal" your truck from underneath you if you aren't paying attention.

Typically, roadside assistance technicians drive company-owned vehicles and carry or wear some form of company-issued ID, often worn on a lanyard. You don't want to turn your semi or heavy-duty truck over to the wrong hands!

Roadside Assistance Throughout The Dallas, Texas, Area

If you drive a heavy-truck, a tractor-trailer, a motor home, or a tour bus and run into mechanical trouble in the Dallas area, rely on J&R Truck Service for fast, friendly, and professional roadside services. We're here to help you at whatever time you need it - night or day.

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