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The Hidden Benefits of Energy Efficiency from Window Film

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

For people who own or operate any business, the bottom line is always a significant concern. One of the biggest annual expenses is utilities for almost any company. The cost of cooling, lights, and heat can be expensive. For most companies and commercial property owners in the Dallas area, if there is a way to reduce cost on utilities it is widely embraced.

Because Dallas is such a warm climate, one of the most significant expenses is cooling down the office and commercial space. The good news is there are ways to reduce cooling costs without major costs. Through the use of LED lighting and window tinting, a significant amount of energy efficiency can be gained.

In fact, in a recent study from the U.S. General Services Administration with the help of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a significant reduction was realized with some basic investments. Overall, businesses and corporations who followed a green building platform saw a reduction of utility cost of nearly 20% when compared to buildings that did not observe any energy efficiency guidelines.

As an example, a major local hotel chain recently took one of their hotels and invested $184,000 in “green energy” improvements. Because of their investment, they are now seeing an annual reduction of energy costs of over $58,000 annually at that hotel. That means in less than four years the improvements made will be paid for and the return on investments will begin piling up.

This is an essential correlation of real return on investment that can equal a significant amount of money for companies. In the case of the hotel investment, the “green energy” improvements will save the hotel $396,000 over ten years.

Window Tinting For “Green Energy” Savings

One of the best ways to reduce cooling expenses in a commercial building is through window tinting. This is especially true of office buildings that have extensive windows. Through the “green energy” efficiency of Amersol commercial window tinting, commercial office space automatically becomes cooler to reduce the expenses of cooling the building during the warmer months.

Window film installation offers great easy cooling solutions to commercial buildings while still allowing the natural sunlight to be used to reduce lighting expenses during the day. The good news is window tinting reduces the glare and heat elements of the sunshine and acts much like a pair of light sunglasses. This allows for the continuation of natural sunlight with a reduced impact on the heat build up.

Once a business decides to look into the possibilities, getting an estimate is the first step. Installation of window tinting is easy and causes little disruption to businesses. Companies can plan out the time frame for installation that works best for them once the estimate and contract details are finalized.

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