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Extend the Life of Your Fleet Trucks

When you're in charge of managing a fleet of trucks, keeping them in good working order ensures they are roadworthy and safe for those drivers and other motorists.

Commercial trucks and trailers are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, which makes them more susceptible to damages. Just running over a pothole can result in significant damages to rigs and trucks.

Therefore, following a strict maintenance schedule helps prevent expensive repairs and costly breakdowns on the road.

Keep Rolling With A Dallas Truck Repair Company

To prevent missed shipping deadlines, working with a reputable truck repair company such as J&R Truck Service in Dallas, Texas, helps ensure that your trucks, trailers, and rigs are in prime working order.

Since these trucks represent a significant investment in your trucking company and shipping deadlines are the name of the game, you need to have a team of truck repair technicians available to handle any repairs or required maintenance.

Choosing a licensed and insured repair shop equipped with the right tools helps you save time and get your trucks and trailers back on the road as soon as possible.

The repair shop should have access to leading-edge tools and devices to run diagnostic tests, complete maintenance, and do comprehensive inspections. Trucks and trailers are complicated vehicles, so having these resources available helps to streamline repairs and maintenance tasks.

If you notice a pattern of common recurring repairs, consider tracking the most typical breakdowns your fleet of trucks experience. With this data, brainstorm about ways to prevent them from happening. By determining common vulnerabilities, you're taking steps to save money and stop accidents and roadside assistance calls that reduce your profits and bottom line.

Completing regularly scheduled tasks such as oil changes, checking fluids, inspecting the electrical system, tires, and brakes is a high priority. If you fail to inspect or service your truck, you might experience issues such as flat tires, faulty brakes, loss of power, and an overheating engine.

If you have trouble keeping track of your fleet, using a maintenance calendar for every truck or trailer you manage is an intelligent way to ensure all of your commercial vehicles are getting the services they require.

Get Help When Emergencies Happen

Despite your best efforts to avoid problems on the road, accidents and emergencies can still happen. All it takes is one sharp item in the roadway to cause a tire to blow out or a loose wire to cause issues with a truck's electrical system.

Luckily, when these worst-case scenarios play out in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, you can rely on J&R Truck Service for emergency roadside assistance, and prompt, professional repairs. You can call us whenever you need us - day or night!

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