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Five Ways To Keep The Pests At Bay

When most homeowners in North Texas think about pest control, it's natural for them to think of hiring a professional landscaping company like Cut N Edge Lawn Service to help solve their pest problems. And since we're here to help, we'll share some tricks of the trade to help you handle the threat of pest infestations.

Pest Repellant Plants - Investing in plants that naturally repel pests from your property will help to keep the bugs away. For instance, fennel and rosemary repel snails. Likewise, Artemisia and spearmint are effective at combating beetles and ants. Finally, for a tremendous all-purpose pest repellant, consider Chrysanthemums. This beautiful flowering plant effectively repels against lice, ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, and silverfish.

Prune And Care For Trees - Mature trees can provide your backyard with a unique character and shade. And while it's challenging to imagine ten to fifteen years in the future when planting saplings, be sure to consider how new trees will grow based on their placement. In addition, it would help if you kept at least six feet clearance between the walls of your home and any tree limbs or branches that may provide pests with access to your house.

It's always essential to avoid trees with thick branches, as these make ideal habitats for rodents. If your yard has big trees, trim them frequently and try to keep the branches away from your home.

Look Out For Dead Branches - Another good reason to keep your yard as neat as possible is that pieces of rotted or cracked branches provide excellent shelter for insects like carpenter ants, termites, and carpenter bees. The sooner you remove dead branches as a threat, the better!

Manage Mulch And Debris - It's no secret that overgrowth, debris, decaying wood, and mulch create favorable conditions for pests to thrive. Therefore, you should keep your lawn free of overgrowth and debris, including woodpiles and landscaping scraps. If you must use wood chips, selecting chips made from pest-repellent wood, including cedar, is a good idea.

Follow A Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Schedule - Among the most effective ways to keep your landscaping healthy, and pest-free is by following a seasonal maintenance schedule. For instance, North Texas homeowners should aerate and oversee their lawns to promote healthy growth in the spring. Fall is a critical time for mowing, fertilizing, and watering grass to go into winter in good condition.

Follow these steps to keep your outdoor space pest-free!

Keep The Pests Away And At Bay!

Look no further than Dale's Pest Control if you're searching for a reliable landscaping service in Weatherford, Aledo, Hudson Oaks, or the surrounding areas. They can help get your yard and landscape looking healthy, lush, and green!

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