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Winter Can Spell Disaster for Your Roof

The winter season can be especially demanding on both residential and commercial roofing systems. Brutal weather conditions put extra stress on your roofing, which always means there's a chance for damages and other potential issues that require roof repair.

Here are some of the most critical weather conditions to be on the lookout for this winter season.


Ice can potentially weaken your shingles. When ice melts, water expands and penetrates small spaces between roofing tiles and shingles. When this occurs, it can result in severe damage that threatens the safety and integrity of your roofing system. Ice is heavy, and once melted, it turns to water, which is another real threat to your roofing system.


While snow appears light and fluffy, the truth is that significant accumulations on your rooftop can pose a severe threat. Snow is heavy, and when it collects on top of your house, it puts extra stress on the structure. If you already have a weakened roof due to unaddressed damages, there is a chance the entire roof could collapse. As you imagine, this isn't an ideal situation.


Worn, torn, or separated shingles are problematic because they create an environment where water from melting ice and snow can seep into your home. When this happens, it can cause damages to your interior. These damages could include dampness, mold, or leaks. Further, it can contribute to added exterior damages to the gutter system and the long-term stability of your roofing system. Water is a potent threat to the stability and effectiveness of your roofing system, so taking steps to ensure that all shingles or tiles are in the best condition helps you to avoid problems when spring arrives.


Wintertime wind gusts are another force of nature that can cause damage to your roof in many ways. High winds can dislodge shingles, creating a vulnerable area in your roof where water can penetrate through to the interior of your home. Other concerns with high winds in the winter is that they can cause large limbs to fall from nearby trees. When these large limbs land on your rood, they can result in holes or other damages to your shingles or roofing tiles.

Keep Your Roof In Good Working Order Year Round

The best way to ensure that your roofing system remains in stable working condition is by taking care to inspect it at least once a year. By doing so, you can take steps to identify significant issues that could require a considerable roof repair at a later date.

If you live in Grandview, Texas, and you need a roofing company to inspect your home, call the experts at B&C Exteriors for a free estimate today.

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