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What size pool is best for me?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

If you're thinking about having a custom pool installed, you'll need to decide what size pool is best for your family. There isn't a right or wrong, or a "one size fits all" answer to the question. However, several factors come into play in determining the best layout for your needs.

Yard Size - Not surprisingly, the size and shape of your backyard are going to play a significant factor in the size of your custom pool.

If you're thinking about incorporating a deck or other outdoor living spaces, you'll need to account for these additions when speaking with your pool builder.

Some smaller yards could be more challenging to work in, which could impact the installation cost. To avoid any surprises, discuss the feasibility of the project with your custom pool builder first.

Usage - The way you plan to use your pool can impact your custom pool's size and design.

It's best to consider how many household members you have, whether you plan on entertaining guests, and whether or not you'll have frequent visitors, such as grandkids or family friends.

In addition to having a pool that's large enough for everyone to swim, you'll want to have space for them to relax poolside.

Inspiration - Do you already have a mental picture of what you'd like your inground custom pool to look like in mind? If so, share your ideas (or inspiration you've found online) with your pool builder.

By doing so, you're providing valuable feedback they can use when drawing up the blueprint.

Eyecatching and functional features and upgrades worth considering include diving boards, water jets, waterfalls, pool slides, and energy-efficient LED underwater lighting. Other additions, such as a swim spa or a self-contained lap pool, are great for people who want to exercise more. Jetted tubs are ideal for relaxing and treating sore muscles.

Your Budget - Installing a custom pool represents a significant investment in your property. Before starting on the project, you should have a pretty good idea of how much you're willing or able to spend. If you've yet to secure funding, working with a reputable pool builder who offers financing options to qualified clients can help to eliminate the guesswork.

Keep in mind; this is an upgrade that makes your home a more enjoyable place to be when the mercury rises.

A high-quality custom pool installation affords your family to take a dip to cool off on a lazy, hot day.

Custom Pool Design And Building In Rockwall, Texas

If you have a custom pool building project in mind for your Rockwall, Texas area home, contact the professionals at Hopkins Custom Pools. We're here to help make your custom swimming pool become a reality!

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