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What Is an Infinity Pool?

The Infinity Pool

Part of what a good pool builder like the team working at Hopkins Custom Pools is trying to do with infinity pools is create an exhilarating experience.

The builder is attempting to create the feeling that the pool is suspended, almost like floating with the horizon. This is all thanks to the vanishing edge or what is sometimes called the zero edge pool. The edge is designed to trick the eye and make you believe nothing is separating the water from the environment.

The way a pool builder creates this illusion is by taking a few cues from nature. When water falls off a waterfall, it looks like there is no edge, which is what you have with an infinity pool. The water falls off the edge and is trapped in a basin; it's then pumped back into the pool.

To ensure that your infinity pool looks impressive, you need to make sure you put it in a location where you are going to get that view. Part of what makes these pools unique is that they give you a spectacular view, so placement is essential. You may need to talk to the installation expert to help you figure out where to place this pool.

One question many people have about infinity pools is if they are safe. This is an optical illusion, so it is safe. There is a wall when you finally reach the edge. Furthermore, there is another large platform over the edge should you somehow flip over the side, which is unlikely. Just practice the same kind of safety habits you would practice with a regular pool, and you and all those people swimming with you should be just fine.

You might be happy to learn that the basin that pushes water back into the pool comes with a filtration system that helps keep your pool looking great.

Make sure you keep an eye on this filtration system or make sure your pool specialist checks it frequently because a clogged basin will affect the entire pool's function. Hopefully, this information helps you see what an infinity pool is and enables you to decide if it is the right pool for you.

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