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Tips for Painting Your Metal Roof

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When a metal roof starts to look a little shabby, it could be time to have it painted. If you are willing to do the job yourself, there are a few mistakes that must be avoided to complete the job correctly.

Using old paint is one of those mistakes. Fresh paint should always be used on this kind of roof. Even if the old paint was reused on siding, fences or shutters, a metal roof needs a unique type of paint that can protect it from water, insects, other pests, and fire. Paint used in other parts of the home will not be able to provide that protection on metal.

Not only is it essential to use the right paint, but it is also necessary to use the proper method of painting. It's easy to be tempted to use either not enough paint or too much paint. It also needs to be applied according to the directions that come with the paint.

Another good reason to use the correct paint is the fact that it will save on energy bills. The right paint will be energy efficient. Paint that is manufactured specifically for metal has an elastomeric coating. This paint has unique compounds that will keep your roof energy-efficient. It will also help to prevent leaks and will be more reflective than regular paint. When the rainy season starts, this coating will work the best to prevent leaks.

Once the proper paint has been applied correctly, it needs to be maintained regularly. This roof should be cleaned every six months. The roof should also be checked for any cracks that may appear in the paint. If there are any other issues with the roof's surface, they should also be taken care of quickly so that they don't become worse. That's when it's time to contact a professional roofing company.

B&C Exteriors of Grandview, Texas, are the perfect professionals when it comes to caring for your roof. They are experts in repairing or replacing the roof. Not only can they replace or repair metal roofing, but they can also work on composite, tile, or any other type of roof. B&C can provide tarping, and emergency services, maintenance, and even help with insurance claims if there was any storm damage.

This is a family-owned company that has been in business for more than 20 years. They are a reliable company for work needed in the Northern parts of Texas. In addition to roofing work, they also can work on gutters, windows, siding, and other construction issues for your home.

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