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Things to Consider If Adding a Slide to Your Swimming Pool

Undoubtedly, adding a new slide to your swimming pool means that your kids can have a lot more fun during the hazy, lazy days of summer. However, fun isn't the only thing to you'll need to consider when deciding whether a pool slide is right for your family.

Your Pool Design

The current design of your pool will be a significant factor when choosing a slide. While creatively, there are very few limits, from an engineering perspective, there are three factors that must get considered.

These three things are the Elevation, or the starting point; the End Point, the splashdown; and the shape of the slide.

For the safety of slide users, your pool must be deep enough to handle the angle of impact. The higher the angle of entry, the deeper the water recommended.

If you've ever gone down a commercial slide that featured a rather long slide to the splashdown point, you might notice it runs nearly parallel with the water in the pool, and the water is around waist deep on an adult.

Slides that descend at a sharper angle will require more depth to accommodate the safe entrance of slide users.

Whether you're happy with a simple, prefabricated slide or searching for something more ornate and elaborate, working with an experienced pool builder like Hopkins Custom Pools helps ensure your project goes smoothly.

We're pleased to offer professional advice and guidance on the different pool slide options available today.

Costs For Adding A Swimming Pool Slide

The cost of adding a slide to your pool can vary widely.

Not surprisingly, a basic prefabricated ladder-style slide is going to cost far less than a highly-customized waterslide.

Another expense that shouldn't get overlooked is insurance coverage. While no one likes thinking about the worst, a water slide is added liability for homeowners, so talking to your insurance agent is advised. Your agent can recommend the proper amount of coverage to help you mitigate the risk associated with a swimming pool slide.

Combine Other Features With Swimming Pool Slide

When you're making upgrades to your swimming pool, the kids shouldn't be the only ones to make out!

Adding an outdoor kitchen empowers you to cook lunch while the young ones swim, and keep your indoor kitchen clean and tidy when entertaining guests. An outdoor fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece for your pool area and is perfect for enjoying evenings underneath the stars.

Discuss Your Options With A Professional Pool Builder

If you're thinking about adding a slide to your backyard pool, but you're not sure what solution is best for your home in Rockwall, Texas, call the pool building experts at Hopkins Custom Pools today!

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