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The Guide to Custom Cabinets

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Custom cabinetry is a must-have for many homeowners that are building or remodeling their house. It is a great way to not only show off creativity but also improve your space with the perfect amount of storage. Consider these tips before you start your next custom cabinet project.

What do you not like about your current cabinets?

Imagine your cabinets, think about everything, their color, size, function, etc.

  • Are your cabinets worn or broken anywhere?

  • Do you hate the color?

  • Are they outdated?

  • Is there enough storage?

No matter if your goal is to upgrade the look or the function of your cabinets. It all starts with a proper plan of action.

What are your favorite things about your current cabinets?

In many cases, there are specific attributes from our cabinets that we've grown custom too and would like to keep the same during our remodel.

  • Do you like the location?

  • Are the height and width perfect?

  • Is there something specific like a built-in cutting board?

Anything you know you'll miss when replacing your cabinets needs to be added to this list. There is nothing worse than investing in a remodeling project only to not be happy with the result.

Do you need better storage and organization?

For many people this is the fun part, deciding on better functionality for your new cabinets. This phase allows you to consider your space, analyze your list of loves and hates, then create a plan for the custom cabinets you've always wanted.

  • Why do you need more storage?

  • Will this new storage space require additional height or width?

  • Organizational racks for spices

Whatever you are looking to achieve from your new custom cabinets needs to be thought out in this phase. Every idea can alter the budget, so it is best to have the full plan on paper first.

What is your budget?

This part can be the not so fun aspect of your new custom cabinet project. Unfortunately, the budget is a necessity, and if overlooked, can prevent a project from getting finished.

  • How much can your justifiably spend on your project?

  • What will it cost to have all of your ideas built?

  • Where can you sacrifice on the design to stay within the budget?

  • Did you leave room for unforeseen costs?

Not knowing where your money will be going at all times is destined to make your project fail. Understand your plan and budget, and your project will be much easier to handle.

Attention Builders and Manufacturers

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