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Repair Roof Leaks Immediately

When the sun is bearing down, or the rain is falling, your roof is standing guard over your home. It protects your home's structure every day against whatever the weather or sun throws at it. When it starts to leak, you need to get a roof repair done immediately. If you don't, you are exposing your home and its occupants to the elements. And that can be dangerous.

Structural Damage to Your Home

Water will come in through the smallest cracks. When water gets into your home, it will seek the quickest path down. You may find water damage on your ceiling or walls. The paint may start bubbling.

As the leaks get worse, the structural damage to your home will spread. It's essential to fix leaks as quickly as you can to prevent further damage, like rotting.

Loss of Insulation

The insulation in your attic and walls will become useless if it gets wet. Insulation relies on air pockets inside its structure to prevent heat from moving from one side to the other. When the insulation gets wet, it compresses down, losing all of its insulating value. That translates directly to higher heating and cooling bills.

Failing to fix a roof leak could mean you will need to replace all the insulation in your attic and affected exterior walls.


Uncontrolled moisture offers a breeding ground for mold. It will start growing against wet drywall or wood. If left unchecked, the mold will spread to any moist surface in your home.

The mold presents a health hazard to the home's occupants. Some strains of mold can cause respiratory symptoms, especially for those with allergies and asthma. In rare cases, the mold can be toxic. If you see signs of mold, you have a leak somewhere. Get the roof repair done quickly so that you can get rid of the mold growth.

Safety Hazards

Ever heard the adage that water and electricity don't mix? Well, it's true. A leaking roof can drip down into the walls, encountering electrical wire. It can cause electrical shorts, which are significant fire hazards. The leak can create an electrocution risk if electrified water comes into contact with a human or pet.

If your roof starts leaking, take action immediately. Call B&C Exteriors right away. We are the roofing professionals Texas residents trust to protect their homes.

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