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Keep Feral Hogs Off Your Property With Hog-Proof Fencing

Would you be surprised to learn that feral hogs inhabit nearly 80% of the acreage in Texas? As you might imagine, this means that property owners, ranchers, and farmers are likely to have to deal with the damages these wild pigs can cause.

Managing Land With A Hog-Proof Fence

Installing a hog-proof fence is among the most effective ways to manage your land and reduce wild hogs' negative impacts.

Unlike regular fencing, this type of specialized fence is more difficult to breach. Feral hogs don't easily penetrate exclusion fencing made of high tensile wire and reinforced gates, corners, terminal points. Typically, these invasive species won't jump over or dig underneath fences to gain land access unless they get forced. By installing a hog-proof fence, you gain greater control over the wild hog population that potentially threaten your land.

Wild Hog Fencing From Lone Star Trapping

For best results, getting wild hog fencing installed by professionals streamlines your project and alleviates many complications. Generally, mesh fences range in height from 42 up to 96 inches tall.

Not only is this fencing effective at keeping wild hogs out, but they also work well for containing livestock, including cattle, horses, goats, sheep, deer, or exotic animals.

Hog fencing that utilizes steel posts and an electrified outrigger and barbed wire along the bottom helps prevent hogs from lifting the mesh and gaining entry.

A clear fence line is vital for monitoring the fence for damages and making needed repairs and upgrades as required. Even a small hole dug underneath the fence creates the potential for a breach. Additionally, ensuring that your fence has good gates and ground coverage is critical for preventing wildlife from gaining entry to the protected property.

When you add an electrical fencing component to your fence is even more powerful, as any animal that touches the fence gets a powerful and painful shock to repel them away.

While implementing an electrical outrigger adds to the overall installation and ongoing maintenance costs, this expense is often worth it when you consider the significant damages wild boars can do.

Hog Exclusion Protects Your Interests

If you've noticed signs of wild hog activity taking place on your property in Texas, the sooner you take steps to avert the potential for damages, the better.

Hog exclusion fencing is a customized solution for protecting your interests from the damage that feral hogs cause. Keeping hogs off your property is vital for ensuring healthy crops and safeguarding your property investments.

For more information on hog-proof fencing, contact the experts at Lone Star Trapping to discuss your individual needs. Our experts are here and happy to help you answer questions you have about our products and services.

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