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Frequently Asked Questions: Will Mold Return After Remediation?

If your home is damaged by water and you've taken steps to remediate the casualty, you might wonder if the mold is going to return.

While there is no definitive answer to this question, if conditions in your home are favorable, mold can return. Mold spores are forms of fungi that require moisture, warmth, oxygen, darkness, and sufficient time to grow - humidity fuels mold growth.

Mold formation may occur in any of the following situations:

Pipe Leaks

Leaking pipes can contribute to mold growth. If leaks go undetected, the higher the chances for mold growth.


Condensation can form under carpets and areas where pipes are run. The moisture can contribute to mold formation.

Lack Of Ventilation

Poor ventilation can result in stagnant air, which is humid and contributes to mold formation.

How Water Damage Remediation Works

Water damage restoration is a process that treats and eliminates damages caused by water in various situations. Some situations include roof damage, burst pipes, flooding, or other significant events. These services help restore to pre-damage condition.

Specialists have the tools and experience to assess your property. During this review, they'll look for visible and not so apparent patches of mold. If the mold gets discovered, the next step is finding the source.

Once, and if, identified, the specialist will determine the extent of the damages. Mold can spread quickly to places you don't see. The level of mold damage you have will be a determining factor in the rest of the mold remediation plan.

To stop the return of mold after remediation, follow these tips.

Keep Your Home Ventilated

A well-ventilated home staves away mold and mildew. Avoid using appliances like clothes dryers that can contribute to adding moisture to the air. Air conditioning helps drop humidity levels.

Keep Your Home Dry

If you notice water in your home, take steps to dry it immediately. By doing so, you're taking measures to prevent mold from returning.

Use A Professional Restoration Company

If your home has sustained water damage, hiring a water damage remediation is a sensible decision. These companies specialize in removing, treating, and repairing homes damaged by water. They assure mold gets thoroughly removed from affected areas.

Further, they keep your home safer by removing the threat of mold circulating and contaminating other areas of your home. Restoration companies use commercial equipment and training to remove water, deodorize, dry, and restore to pre-loss condition.

Rockwall, Texas Water Damage Experts

If your home has water damage, Doiggs Restoration offers prompt, professional, and emergency services to communities, including but not limited to Rockwall, Fate, and McLendon-Chisholm.

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