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Enhance Your Swimming Pool With a Custom Fire Feature

If you're looking to create the perfect pool, you'll want to consider the value that a custom fire feature adds. The pool area isn't for swimming alone. Adding the element of fire to that of water is a surefire way to create a unique space that effortlessly keeps people coming back for more.

Fire features give a polished look to the pool area, and the contrast between elements adds an attractive focal point to the final presentation. They're aesthetic and also a great way to feed hungry visitors and family members.

Fire features are also perfect for those times when you want to spend time poolside, but there's a chill in the air. Warm yourself up and get even more use from your favorite outdoor area.

Mounted TVs Create an Entertainment Center

Adding a mounted television is the direct way to turn the fire feature into an entertainment center worthy of a crowd. Large displays go hand in hand with large built-in fireplaces to serve as an ideal area for serving food and watching events.

Homeowners who want more warmth may even incorporate a fireplace into the pool design itself. A pool builder will analyze the current area to help you devise the best way to add the custom features you want to your pool.

If you're entertaining people and want your pool to be central for activities, a fireplace, barbeque pit, and televisions can round out the environment. Contact a pool building specialist today to help you turn your dream into a backyard reality.

You can always put the TV in a spot that's easy to see from the pool. On hot summer days, everyone can lazily float while cooling off and indulging in their favorite movies or TV shows. Decide on your primary feature focus and then convey that idea to your preferred pool building company. They will help you articulate your vision into an outdoor oasis that instantly adds appeal and resale value to your home.

Fireplaces Extend the Use of Your Pool Area

A fireplace is an excellent addition to most designs because it lengthens your outdoor season. The area remains usable, even though it's not a great day to swim. That helps you get the most value from your investment and opens up your entertainment possibilities to include nighttime activities.

Pool design has evolved quite a bit, and there are fewer restraints than in the past. It's possible to run gas lines in impressive configurations not dreamed of even a few decades past. It's worth considering all the details you want to be included in your pool area because experienced builders like Hopkins Custom Pools will deliver.

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