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Don't Put off Fixing That Roof Leak

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Is your roof leaking, or do you see visible damage to your roof that could result in a roof leak?

If you answered yes, you mustn’t put off getting repairs to your Abilene, Texas residential roof. If you do, your home could experience structural damage and mold infiltration. Not to mention, the longer you wait, the more expensive your roof repairs because decking and roof trusses could also become damaged by rainwater.

1. Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Will Plummet

Your roof is part of your home’s envelop, and it’s responsible for keeping climate-controlled air in your home and outdoor air out of your home. When there’s a hole in your roof, it can dramatically decrease your energy efficiency, resulting in higher cooling and heating costs. Not to mention, if it rains, your attic insulation will become wet, which reduces its ability to insulate your home.

2. You Could Incur Additional Repair Bills Along with Your Roof Repair

If you delay getting your roof repaired, it can result in a higher roof repair bill and the need for additional repairs. This is because rainwater and moisture can damage your roof’s decking, which consists of plywood sheets. Water can also damage your roof trusses, attic insulation, and even the drywall on your ceiling and walls. In severe cases, you may need to have your roof completely replaced, along with removing and replacing all the damaged drywall. This can add thousands to your repair bills.

3. You Could Be Putting Your Family in Danger

A leaking roof could put your family in danger. Standing water can lead to black mold, which is toxic and can damage your family’s health. Modern homes also contain electrical wiring and lights in the ceiling. When lights and wires become wet, they are more prone to shorting out and sparking, resulting in a fire and electrical shocks to anyone residing in the home.

If you suspect that you have a roof leak or see water spots on your ceilings and walls, contact the best roofer in Abilene, TX, Chad Dodson Roofing Systems. They will determine precisely where your roof is leaking and how much damage is present so that you can get your roof fixed promptly. To learn more about our leak detection and repair services and schedule an appointment, give us a call. We offer free estimates.

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